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CPR Institute Announces the Formation of a New Panel of Certified Public Accountants

This is the only specialized national special panel of CPA neutrals in existence, and they are also arbitrators and mediators.

CPR Institute formed this Panel as a result of a direct request of the CPR Banking, Accounting, and Financial Services Committee, which identified a need for CPAs without conflicts to act as neutrals in business disputes.

“This is the only specialized national panel of CPA neutrals in existence,” stated Neal Blacker, Senior Vice President, Dispute Resolution Services for CPR Institute. “CPR was fortunate to have the help of the CPR CPA subcommittee, led by Phillip Zimmerman, CPA, APM, in the formulation of this initiative.”

The benefits of selecting CPAs with mediator or arbitrator experience for business disputes with large claims at stake are substantial. Because of their unique business and financial background, they:
• Can get to the heart of a dispute with complex accounting issues faster and with more creative, practical settlement proposals than neutrals without CPA credentials
• Have in-depth knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards
• Help eliminate unnecessary discovery
• Immediately understand the financial implications of:
o Business processes and flows
o Business valuations
o Buy-sell agreements
o Financial and securities disputes
o Forensic accounting
o Insurance coverage
o Partnerships, corporations, software, and hardware agreements
o Professional malpractice by accounting firms
o Reasonableness of legal fees
o Supply chain processes
Download a PDF of this Press Release here