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Herbert Smith and Eversheds Receive Honorable Mention Law Firm ADR Award

Top London-based Law Firms were Awarded Honorable Mention from the CPR Institute.

The CPR Institute announced the Honorable Mention recipients of the organization’s First Annual Law Firm Award for Excellence in ADR. The 2007 Honorable Mention Award recipients are the London-based law firms of Herbert Smith and Eversheds.
The CPR Institute, a membership-based, nonprofit alliance of global corporations, law firms, scholars, and public institutions, has long rewarded academic and corporate entities for identifying and promoting novel ways in which to resolve disputes by non-litigation alternatives. However, this is the organization’s first award to recognize law firms which displayed leadership and commitment to the principles of conflict management and resolution.

“For their commitment to principled and creative conflict management and resolution, the CPR Institute is pleased to recognize Herbert Smith and Eversheds,” said Kathleen A. Bryan, CEO of CPR Institute. “Their accomplishments will surely encourage and motivate other firms in the U.S. and abroad to endorse the use of ADR in their practices.”

Award criteria focused on processes, techniques, systems, commitment and scholarship which address the resolution, prevention or creative management of major disputes, such as those between corporations, between government and corporations, or among multiple parties.

A CPR Institute member since 1998, international litigation powerhouse Herbert Smith has shown commitment to and innovation in the ADR arena, setting the benchmark for addressing resolution, prevention and management of the largest, most complex disputes across multiple practice areas and jurisdictions. The firm is presently undertaking a major research study into the use of ADR by international businesses to analyze how in-house counsel can use and inbed
ADR within their respective organizations in a way that is consistent with the cultural perspectives of business in the UK and continental Europe.

Herbert Smith's Head of ADR, Alexander Oddy, commented: "We are grateful to the Award Review Committee and CPR Institute for recognizing our commitment to excellence in the use of ADR in all its forms, which is a core aspect of maintaining our status as the leading dispute resolution practice in Europe and Asia."

Eversheds, a CPR Institute member since 2001, has demonstrated firm-wide commitment to the principles of conflict resolution. Most notably, the Firm instituted RAPID Resolution, a unique approach to dispute management that focuses on measurable results and cost predictability; gives clients control of the process; and provides clear and realistic options in the field of ADR.

John Heaps, Head of Litigation and Dispute Management at Eversheds, states, “We are delighted and honored to receive this prestigious Award. It is a recognition of the firm's long standing commitment to ADR and to innovation in the field of dispute and conflict management."

The Award Review Committee consisted of Corporate Counsel from General Electric, DuPont, Abbott Labs, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft, as well as faculty from the University of Missouri at Columbia Law School and Pepperdine University’s School of Law.

The recipient of the 2007 Law Firm Award for Excellence in ADR was the Philadelphia-based firm of Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP. The Awards were presented on October 25, 2007 at the CPR Fall Conference in Boston.

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