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Leading Corporate Counsel and Top Attorneys Address Integrated Conflict Management Systems

The CPR Institute, along with top corporate counsel from the Fortune 500, senior law firm partners, leading academics and scholars, and conflict resolution professionals from around
the globe, will address integrated conflict management systems at the CPR Annual Meeting on January 17-18, 2008 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. This year’s Annual Meeting program is devoted to an in-depth exploration of the impact of conflict management systems and to achieving long-term organizational change through systems to overcome individual resistance.

Integrated conflict management is not litigation management. Instead, its aim is to create economies and benefits that will become beneficial to the entire enterprise. Faculty  comprising top corporations, leading law firms, and the academic world will explore the challenges of enterprise-wide cultural change. Best practices will be shared by corporate counsel and executives from prominent companies, including Coca-Cola, ConocoPhillips, General Electric, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, & Schering-Plough.

Brackett Denniston, senior vice president and general counsel of General Electric will open the Meeting and Lord Harry Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, will be the featured keynote speaker. Lord Woolf instituted Civil Practice Rules encouraging mediation in the English courts.

Program topics of particular interest include:

Integrated Systems for Assisting Clients to Manage Conflict
Corporations looking to realize efficiencies and economies in managing conflicts are also looking for outside legal advisors to help them do it. This panel of top law firms in the U.S. and the UK will discuss the challenges and satisfactions in creating capacities to serve their clients in this way.

Systems Design and the Corporate Ethos
The success of an integrated conflict management system is, of course, a function of the success of its integration into the entire enterprise. This corporate panel will discuss the various considerations in fitting a conflict management system to the needs and “personality” of the company.

How Organizational Conflict Management Systems Actually Function
It is one thing to design a system. But, it is quite another to run it in the real world. Many of the problems that the designer anticipated never show up, and some contingencies and challenges arise that were never planned for. This corporate panel reports on how integrated conflict management systems operate in the real world.

Crafting Dispute Management Clauses as a Matter of Organizational Policy and Practice
Considering how many companies and law firms have subscribed to the CPR Pledge or have committed to alternative dispute resolution, it is remarkable how few commercial contracts feature sophisticated dispute resolution clause drafting. Why is that?

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