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CPR Institute Presents Its 24th Annual Awards For Outstanding Scholarship in ADR

The CPR Awards Program honors outstanding scholarship in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Award criteria focused on processes, techniques, systems, commitment, and scholarship which address the resolution, prevention or creative management of major disputes involving public or business institutions between corporations, between government and corporations, or among multiple parties.

The award for Outstanding Original Professional Article recognizes an article published by academics and other professionals that advance understanding in the field of ADR. The 2007
CPR Award for Outstanding Original Professional Article was awarded to John Lande, J.D., PhD, Director of the LL.M. Program in Dispute Resolution and Associate Professor at the
University of Missouri-Columbia Law School, for his work “Principles For Policymaking About Collaborative Law and Other ADR Processes”, Vol. 22:3 Ohio St. J. on D.R. 619 (2007).

The award for Outstanding Original Student Article recognizes an article or paper focused on events or issues in the field of ADR. The 2007 CPR Award for Outstanding Student Article was awarded to Erin Gleason Alvarez for her article, “International Arbitral Appeals: What Are We Afraid Of?”, 7 Pepp. Disp. Resol. L.J. 269 (2007). The article was written while Gleason
Alvarez was an LL.M. student at Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

The award for Outstanding Book recognizes a published book that advances understanding in the field of ADR. The 2007 CPR Award for Outstanding Book was awarded to Danny Ertel and Mark Gordon, founders and directors of Vantage Partners for their book The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate When YES is Not Enough, Harvard Business School Press (2007).
Ertel is also the Chairman of Janeeva, Inc. and former Senior Researcher at the Harvard Negotiation Project. Gordon is also a Senior Advisor to the Harvard Negotiation Project at
Harvard Law School and co-founder and Chairman of Conflict Management Group.

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