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CPR's Statement Regarding National Arbitration Forum's Withdrawal from Consumer Arbitration Matters (Web)

CPR President and CEO Kathy Bryan's statement on the NAF Settlement, sent to CPR member organizations today (see also release attached):

"The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution ('CPR Institute') wants to draw your attention to issues this week that could potentially impact public perception about the fairness of arbitration.  

"The CPR Institute takes no position on the settlement yesterday or the allegations in the complaint last week in the suit by the Minnesota Attorney General against the National Arbitration Forum.  Moreover, as a neutral not-for-profit organization, we are not advocating a policy position.  

"The CPR Institute, however, is concerned about the tenor of the criticism of arbitration’s potential as a fair and efficient process in light of the scheduled hearing on arbitration before the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee this Wednesday, July 23rd.  

"The CPR Institute emphasizes that its arbitration focus is on supporting the process in business-to-business matters.  Among other activities, the CPR Institute provides dispute resolution services in complex business-to-business cases, and does not provide support services for consumer arbitration matters.

"A CPR website article detailing the complaint by the Minnesota Attorney General against NAF from last week, updated with a link to NAF’s settlement statement, can be found here.

"Today’s CPR item on the Minnesota AG’s statement, as well as coverage of the matter, can be found here."