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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 28, 2015 – On April 27, 2015, The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) and the Brazilian Center of Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) entered into a landmark Mutual Recognition Agreement to promote their respective dispute resolution pledges and charters as reciprocally supportive.

In the agreement—which recognizes that “CPR pioneered the use of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) pledge for corporations and law firms to promote the use and education of ADR”—CPR and CBMA agree:

(1)    On principles of reciprocity concerning the CPR Corporate Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation, the CPR 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge, the CPR Law Firm Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation (collectively, “CPR Pledges”) and the CBMA’s Mediation Pledge (“Pacto de Mediação”);
(2)    CPR recognizes that the Pacto de Mediação is supportive of the goals and objectives of the CPR Pledges; 
(3)    CPR further recognizes that execution of either or any of the CPR Pledges serves as recognition of the mutually cooperative goals and objectives of the Pacto de Mediação; and
(4)    The Pacto de Mediação shall be recorded in the CPR ADR Pledge Repository as a cooperating ADR Pledge. 

CPR President and CEO, Noah Hanft, explained the importance of the agreement, stating “CPR’s mission—
to spearhead innovation in, and global awareness and implementation of, commercial conflict management—
made great strides today, in step with CBMA. Current and future signatories of any of the CPR pledges can now engage in business transactions with greater confidence, knowing that they have an ever expanding roster of potential business partners who share their ideals and are committed to efficient and effective dispute resolution practices. It is an honor to help drive the almost exponential growth of such an important movement, and certainly energizing to count ourselves as members of such a powerful and collaborative dispute resolution community.” 

Gustavo da Rocha Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of CBMA, stated, “The signing of the Pledge Mutual Recognition Agreement between CPR and CBMA is truly a milestone in CBMA’s history. It is a real pleasure to strengthen our partnership with CPR, especially considering the Institute’s role in the development of ADR throughout the years. We are very glad to take this important step toward the consolidation of ADR Pledges on a global level.”

This pledge mutual recognition agreement signing capped off the end of a very dynamic and successful week for CPR in Brazil, which included a launch event for CPR’s new international administered arbitration rules, CPR’s 2015 Annual Brazil Business Mediation Congress, and the International Business Mediation Workshop, among other events.

CPR revolutionized litigation and promoted the adoption of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) with its Corporate Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation© beginning in the 1980s. More than 4,000 operating companies and 1,500 law firms have signed the “CPR Pledge©” and committed to consider ADR before filing suit. CPR’s policy statements are bilateral and bind signing parties to consider ADR methods. CPR’s newly released 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge provides companies an opportunity to focus on a systemic approach to dispute resolution and offers a means to change the culture of litigation that has pervaded Corporate America.  Most importantly, the signatories have pledged to do this unilaterally – pledging to seek ways to avoid litigation regardless of whether the opposing party has done so as well.


About CPR: 
CPR is the only independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to help global business and their lawyers resolve commercial disputes more cost effectively and efficiently. For more than 30 years, the legal community has trusted CPR to deliver superior arbitrators and mediators and innovative practical solutions to business conflict. CPR’s membership includes the leading thinkers and practitioners in dispute resolution, including executives and legal counsel from the world’s most successful companies and global law firms, government liaisons, retired judges, highly experienced neutrals and leading academics. For more information, please visit 

About CBMA:
CBMA is a mediation and arbitration chamber genuinely from Rio de Janeiro, founded in 2002 by ACRJ – Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro, FENASEG – National Federation of Private Insurance and Capitalization Companies, and FIRJAN – Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro, three of the most representative entities when it comes to Rio de Janeiro’s economy. The Center has appropriate facilities, efficient secretary office and a qualified body of technical professionals in its Board, formed by renowned professionals that support all arbitration and mediation proceedings, as well as a panel of arbitrators and mediators known by its competence and respectability. For more information,