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CPR Institute Launches New International Mediation Procedure

NEW YORK – The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) announced it has launched a new international mediation procedure that streamlines earlier procedures created for Europe and Brazil.  The CPR Mediation Procedure, which is specific to the United States, remains effective. 

The CPR International Mediation Procedure was drafted by a Working Group of CPR’s European Advisory Board (EAB) led by Alex Oddy of Herbert Smith Freehills and Isabelle Robinet-Muguet of Orange with input from CPR’s Mediation Committee led by Erin Gleason Alvarez of AIG and Rick Richardson of GlaxoSmithKline. 

In addition to model agreements to mediate, the new Procedure, which became effective on March 1, 2017, provides ground rules for the proceeding and the selection of the mediator.  The procedure also contains important ground rules pertaining to the exchange of information during the mediation and confidentiality. 

The CPR International Mediation Procedure can be incorporated by reference in the dispute resolution clause of a business agreement or in a submission agreement entered into after a dispute has arisen.  

Under the Procedure, the mediator is selected from the CPR Panels of Distinguished Neutrals unless the parties agree otherwise. If the parties cannot agree promptly (and in any event within 15 days of the Mediation Request) on a mediator, they can notify CPR of their need for assistance in selecting a mediator. In that case, the parties can inform CPR of any preferences as to matters such as candidates' mediation style, subject matter expertise (technical or juridical) and geographic location and CPR assists the parties in the selection of a mediator qualified to handle their dispute.  

Focusing in more than 20 practice areas, CPR’s esteemed arbitrators and mediators have provided resolutions in thousands of cases, with billions of dollars at issue worldwide.  CPR’s Global Panel is composed of world-class neutrals -- located across the globe -- who are highly experienced in resolving all types of complex cross-border commercial disputes. 

“This new international mediation procedure will better support global businesses in preventing and resolving commercial disputes more effectively,” said Noah Hanft, President & CEO of CPR. “It was a pleasure to work with EAB and Alex and Isabelle to create this new procedure.” 

About CPR:

CPR is an independent nonprofit organization that, for more than 35 years, has helped global businesses prevent and resolve commercial disputes effectively and efficiently. Our membership consists of top corporations and law firms, academic and government institutions, and leading mediators and arbitrators around the world. CPR is unique as: (1) a thought leader, driving a global dispute resolution culture; (2) a developer of cutting-edge tools and resources, powered by the collective innovation of its membership; and (3) an ADR provider offering innovative, practical arbitration rules, mediation and other dispute resolution procedures, and neutrals worldwide. For more information, please visit


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