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CPR Welcomes Four New Members to Its Board - 11.16.2018

CPR Honors Johnson & Johnson and General Counsel Michael H. Ullmann with the 2018 Corporate Leadership Award - 11.14.2018

CPR Mentioned in Diversity & The Bar Column, The ADR Mosaic - 11.01.2018

Noah Hanft Discusses Alternatives Fees in Arbitration - 08.23.2018

What's Next for Employers, Post Epic Systems? - 07.24.2018

CPR Adds Diversity Statement to DRS Nomination Letter - 07.18.2018

CyberInsecurity: A New Protocol to Counter Cyberattacks in International Arbitration - 07.05.2018

Chan Lee of Sanofi and Assurant's Carey Roberts Join CPR's Board of Directors - 06.28.2018

CPR Announces New Leadership on Banking & Financial Services, Construction Advisory, Healthcare & Life Sciences Committees - 06.07.2018

New York Law Journal Covers 2018 CLA Award to Michael Ullmann and J&J - 06.06.2018

Four CPR Staff Named ADR Champions by the National Law Journal - 06.01.2018

CPR Selects Johnson & Johnson and General Counsel Michael H. Ullmann for 2018 Corporate Leadership Award - 05.22.2018

CPR's Coverage of SCt's Epic Systems Included in SCOTUSblog Round-Up - 05.22.2018

Noah Hanft Quoted by Society for Human Resources Management on "Epic" Supreme Court Arbitration Decision - 05.21.2018

The Legal Intelligencer Covers CPR's Regional Meeting in Philadelphia - 04.26.2018

Practical Law's Arbitration Blog Covers Arbitrator Appointment Procedures - 04.25.2018

Law360 Covers Working Group Cybersecurity Draft Protocols - 04.16.2018

Working Group on Cybersecurity in International Arbitration Releases Draft Protocol - 04.16.2018

ICCA, CPR and NYC Bar Ass'n Cybersecurity Working Group Wins 2018 GAR Best Development Award - 04.15.2018

Arbitral Women Covers CPR's 2018 Diversity Award - 04.06.2018