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Welcome to the CPR store, where members receive significant discounts on valuable resources. While we are finalizing our online store payment processes, to purchase an item please contact Christopher Silva at 212-949-6490 or Thank you.
  • A NEW resource: India Supplement to the Corporate Counsel Manual for Cross-Border Dispute Resolution
    NEW! The CPR Arbitration Committee presents the India Supplement to the CPR Corporate Counsel Manual for Cross-Border Dispute Resolution. The Manual, published in 2017, is a comprehensive guide to planning for and managing the full spectrum of cross-border Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) processes. The India Supplement is the first of a series of planned CPR guides to the ADR regimes of major developing countries. It is intended to be read with the Manual and provides corporate counsel involved in India-related transactions and disputes with a primer on the country’s ADR laws and practices.
  • ABA Mediation Week 2015 Webinar
    This webinar - part of ABA Mediation Week 2015 - offers wisdom from three seasoned settlement veterans: a General Counsel, a Professor of Law and an International Arbitration specialist on overcoming mediation obstacles, and multiparty mediation.
  • Avoiding and Resolving Information Technology Disputes
    This book describes techniques, such as partnering, which are available right now to enable the parties to an information technology contract to increase the likelihood of success of the project and to reduce its cost. These techniques are applicable to any type of information technology (IT) project in which an outside vendor is used.
  • Building ADR into the Corporate Law Dept: ADR Systems Design
    This book highlights the best practices in corporate ADR systems design and profiles ADR programs at 23 major corporations and includes tools and forms employed by several leading companies, including BASF, GE, and Motorola.
  • Building ADR into the Law Firm: ADR Systems Design
    This manual exemplifies the best system design practices to institutionalize ADR implemented by CPR’s Law Firm ADR Committee. It also addresses law firm concerts about the economic viability of ADR. Catalogues best practices in the use of ADR by leading law firms and includes useful practice tools and forms.
  • CPR Construction Committee Webinar
    For this webinar, Robert Rubin, Special Counsel, McCarter & English, Joseph F. Fields, Special Counsel, McCarter & English, and Sarah Biser, Partner, McCarter & English, present, “How to Deal with the Insurer in the Arbitration and Mediation Process.”
  • CPR Employment Disputes Committee Webinar
    The Employment Disputes Committee Webinar was presented on Monday, July 18, 2016. Joshua L. Ditelberg and Noah Finkel of Seyfarth Shaw discussed Lewis v. Epic Systems (7th Circuit), as well as a broader discussion of class arbitration.
  • CPR Healthcare & Life Sciences Committee Webinar
    The Healthcare & Life Sciences Committee presented a special webinar presentation on "Fast Track and Baseball Arbitration for Commercial Disputes," in which preeminent practitioners and neutrals discussed arbitrations conducted under these special Rules.
  • Commercial Mediation in Europe
    Commercial Mediation in Europe is an outstanding treatment of the rapidly evolving landscape of mediation in Europe. Negotiation facilitated by an experienced mediator has repeatedly been proven to be one of the most effective tools for resolving business disputes in ways that further business goals, and offers special benefits in the context of cross-border and cross-cultural disputes.
  • Corporate Counsel Manual for Cross-Border Dispute Resolution
    From CPR's Arbitration Committee, an indispensable new resource providing guidance on drafting and planning for any common form of alternative dispute resolution in international business transactions, including tips on managing specific situations in-house counsel may encounter.
  • Cutting Edge Advances in Resolving Workplace Disputes
    Cutting Edge Advances in Resolving Workplace Disputes is the next book in the Master Guide Series: Better Solutions for Business. The Employment Disputes Committee of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (the CPR Institute) has collaborated with the Scheinman Institute of Cornell University’s ILR School to gather in this volume a number of highly practical insights from a group of accomplished ADR practitioners.
  • Early Case Assessment DVD (2006: 2 hours)
    Some of the most progressive senior legal executives from advanced global corporations discuss the cutting-edge of dispute management: Early Case Assessment. These explanations of hands-on tools, from the 2006 CPR Institute Spring Meeting in Atlanta Georgia, constitute state of the art business-to-business conflict management and resolution.
  • How Companies Manage Employment Disputes: A Compendium of Leading Corporate Employment Programs
    Systems for managing and resolving employment disputes are no longer a matter of experiment or theory. Employers have not only established formal employment dispute resolution programs, but increasingly, are gathering empirical data to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of such programs.
  • Managing Employment Disputes
    This book, developed under the auspices of CPR’s Employment Disputes Committee, is intended to provide companies, large and small, with a straightforward set of guidelines for establishing effective conflict management systems for workplace disputes. It covers the entire range of approaches, from the very informal and low-impact options to binding arbitration processes.
  • Managing Franchise Relationships Through Mediation
    This newest volume of the CPR Master Guide series is a contribution by CPR and the Franchise Mediation Program towards assisting in creating a fair, just, impartial and expeditious way of resolving disputes in the franchise community. In addition to providing franchise mediation procedures, the publication comprises case-study narratives from eight leading franchisees and franchisors.
  • Master Guide to Mass Claims Resolution Facilities
    The Master Guide to Mass Claims Resolution Facilities addresses issues arising post-settlement of mass claims – filling a large void in the legal literature in this area of ADR. The book covers all areas of claims resolution facilities, including initial due diligence in estimating claims, costs and assets, extent of delegation to the facility, design of facilities, establishment of claim criteria, notice, procedures, communication and appeals. It also examines decisional law, statutory bases and various examples of facilities, drawing upon the knowledge of specialists in the area.
  • Master Guide to Patent Mediation
    This Master Guide to Patent Mediation provides a five-step roadmap for helping in-house counsel and corporate leaders utilize mediation, when appropriate, a strategy proven to substantially reduce the cost of patent disputes. Patent Mediation presents a special case for alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) techniques.
  • Mediation Best Practices Guide for In-House Counsel
    From CPR's Mediation Committee, an indispensable new resource for in-house counsel, providing guidance on issues ranging from selecting mediators to developing negotiation plans and overcoming impasse.
  • Mediation in Action DVD - English and Study Guide
    Involves an international commercial contract dispute between a computer manufacturer and distributor and demonstrates a complete mediation with counsel and client participation in 36 minutes with commentary on mediation phases. Includes Study Guide.
  • Mediation in Action DVD - Translations
    Involves an international commercial contract dispute between a computer manufacturer and distributor and demonstrates a complete mediation with counsel and client participation in 36 minutes with commentary on mediation phases. Available in English, Arabic, French and Portuguese. Please specify language when ordering.
  • Mediator's Deskbook
    A practical guide for mediators that contains practice tips, checklists and forms, and commentary on issues vital to successful mediation. It also includes CPR Institute's procedures for mediating US and European disputes.
  • Out of Court: The Mini-trial (DVD)
    Demonstrates how a minitrial is utilized to successfully resolve a dispute that resulted from a transnational shipping accident. (30 Minutes) DVD
  • Resolution Through Mediation (40 min)
    This 40 minute DVD, produced by the International Trademark Association (INTA) in cooperation with the CPR Institute, is a restructured version of the original 28 minute DVD.  It offers more detailed illustrations of mediator, counsel, and party strategy in an international mediation of a seemingly intractable trademark dispute between a Russian distillery and an American manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic products. 
  • Resolution Through Mediation (Various Languages - 28 min)
    This abbreviated 28 minute version of the mediation of an international alcoholic beverage trademark dispute is useful for conference presentations to demonstrate how mediation unfolds. In addition to English, this presentation has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Russian and Spanish.