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ABA Mediation Week 2015 Webinar

This webinar - part of ABA Mediation Week 2015 - offers wisdom from three seasoned settlement veterans: a General Counsel, a Professor of Law and an International Arbitration specialist on overcoming mediation obstacles, and multiparty mediation.

Our panelists are all extensively experienced in commercial mediation, and each offers a unique point of view. Gregory S. Gallopoulos (General Counsel, General Dynamics Corporation) will share anecdotes about difficult or seemingly intractable disputes that were resolved through mediation, and how. Richard F. Ziegler (co-chair of Jenner & Block’s International Arbitration practice) will describe the challenges that can impede successful mediations, and potential solutions. Professor S. I. Strong (University of Missouri School of Law) will walk participants through techniques in the growing area of multiparty mediation.

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