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Corporate Counsel Manual for Cross-Border Dispute Resolution

Price $79 (One copy FREE per member organization; $39 for additional copies) plus S&H

From CPR's Arbitration Committee, an indispensable new resource providing guidance on drafting and planning for any common form of alternative dispute resolution in international business transactions, including tips on managing specific situations in-house counsel may encounter in international business disputes.

The reviews are in:

“The CPR Corporate Counsel Manual for Cross-Border Dispute Resolution is an outstanding resource for any in-house counsel responsible for international dispute resolution issues,” says Kelly Tullier, EVP and General Counsel at Visa Inc. “The Manual provides valuable insights and guidance for all types and phases of alternative dispute resolution, enabling in-house counsel to more effectively manage and resolve their company’s international disputes. I highly recommend it.”

“The CPR Corporate Counsel Manual for Cross-Border Dispute Resolution is an indispensable reference for in-house lawyers preparing for or considering cross-border dispute resolution procedures of any type, whether for the first time or the 100th time, and for drafters of dispute resolution provisions in agreements with international dimensions,” says Bart Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Assurant, Inc. “It is comprehensive, well-organized, lively and practical.  I read it from cover-to-cover and will keep it close at hand to review points of particular interest.  The Manual also includes a handy appendix with citations (including URL addresses) to a host of additional resources.”