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Early Case Assessment DVD (2006: 2 hours)

Price: $39 (Member Price: $28.50) plus S&H

Some of the most progressive senior legal executives from advanced global corporations discuss the cutting-edge of dispute management: Early Case Assessment. These explanations of hands-on tools, from the 2006 CPR Institute Spring Meeting in Atlanta Georgia, constitute state of the art business-to-business conflict management and resolution.

"Early Case Assessment" is the process by which facts, business context, legal outcomes, financial and reputational exposure, transaction costs, opportunity costs, and other pertinent considerations are assembled and analyzed in order to permit the business manager to make an informed assessment of the matter, and decide the best, earliest and cheapest method of disposition. Dispute resolution is thus inexplicably intertwined with overall business objectives. These companies and their counsel discuss how they have built Early Case Assessment into the corporate law department, and what the ramifications are for outside counsel.

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