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Diversity Resources

CPR's hub for tools, articles, and links to resources related to diversity in the field

The prevalence of diversity programs and initiatives has grown rapidly in recent years. Both corporations and law firms have made diversity an integral component of their business plans.  As a result, ADR leaders and organizations have also begun addressing diversity issues in the field, especially those surrounding the lack of qualified women and minorities to serve as mediators and arbitrators and the failure by parties to actively query and retain diverse neutrals. Diversity in ADR is not just limited to race and sex; but includes number of other categories as well, including disability, age, and national origin. People of different backgrounds bring new experiences and viewpoints to the table, and that is exactly what the future of ADR calls for.



The ADR Inclusion Network: Addressing Diversity Collectively
Alternatives, June 2019
This article, by Maria Volpe and Sheila Sproule, discusses the roots and evolution of a continuing initiative that has
attempted to deliberately shine a spotlight on
diversity and inclusion in the dispute resolution
field within New York State.
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Moving the Needle On Diversity
MCCA's Diversity & The Bar Magazine, March 2019
Theo Cheng, independent, full-time arbitrator and mediator and Distinguished CPR Neutral, interviewed then CPR President Noah Hanft for "The ADR Mosaic" 
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Schnader's Tim Lewis Receives CPR Award for Diversity Work
Alternatives, April 2019
Russ Bleemer covers CPR's presentation of its 2019 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity in ADR to Timothy K. Lewis, counsel to Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP, at its AnnualMeeting, at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C.
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What is Diversity Really? 
Alternatives, March 2019
Russ Bleemer summarized a Jan 2019 symposium, hosted by New York Law School and co-sponsored by CPR, exploring the state of diversity in business conflict resolution, and examining how diversity should be assessed. 
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Making Diversity Happen: No More Lip Service
The New York Law Journal, March 20, 2017
The “D” in ADR stands for “dispute”… but that’s not enough. It needs to also stand for “diversity” and right now we are far from that. 
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Why Bringing Diversity to ADR is a Necessity
ACC Docket, September 30, 2013
The lack of diversity in the demographics of the neutrals selected
in alternative dispute resolution (ADR ) proceedings is a serious
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It A Final Push Can Break the Glass Ceiling by Sylvia Hewlett
The Financial Times Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Despite enormous progress in the lower and middle rungs of the career ladder, too few women are making it to the very top.
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Courtroom Superstars: The Next Generation by Ann Schofield Baker
New York Law Review, Monday, November 8, 2010
This article explores some of the roadblocks that firms unwittingly embrace that can hamper the advancement of their female litigators.
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It Remains a White, Male Game by F. Peter Phillips
The National Law Journal Monday, November 27, 2006
Mediation and arbitration lag behind the rest of the profession in diversifying their ranks.
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Diversity in ADR: More Difficult to Accomplish than First Thought by F. Peter Phillips
Dispute Resolution Magazine Spring 2009
Corporate purchasers of legal services have increasingly demanded greater diversity in the lawyers who are assigned to their work. As incidents spread of law firms being “fired” for failure to take these expectations seriously, law firms are responding, and legal ranks are becoming more diverse.
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Inaugural diversity award winner is announced; law firm award, honorable mention go to two U.K. firms
Alternatives, Feb 2009, Vol. 27 Issue 2, p18-25
The inaugural CPR Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity in ADR has been presented to veteran neutral and educator Marvin E. Johnson, of Maryland & law firm award went to Herbert Smith, an international law firm based in London. Eversheds, another London-based firm, received an honorable mention for the law firm award.

Who else will step up? A mentor plan seeks to spread ADR diversity
Alternatives, Jan 2008, Vol. 26 Issue 1, p9-11.
Robert A Creo, a veteran Pittsburgh attorney-neutral, fresh off the completion of a one-year mentor fellowship he designed and funded, is readying a diversity plan he hopes will be replicated by conflict resolution practitioners coast to coast.

To ‘start the ball rolling,’ Dupont pledges support for diversity task force
Alternatives, Mar 2007, Vol. 25 Issue 3, p50-60
At a meeting of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution’s new diversity task force in January,
Thomas L. Sager, vice president and assistant general counsel overseeing litigation at E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., announced a $10,000 pledge for the task force work.

Sophisticated Awareness Is Necessary For Effective Disabilities Act Mediation
by Judith Cohen Alternatives , Vol. 15 (April 1997)
As people with disabilities move deeper into the mainstream, become employed in increasing numbers, and develop a more sophisticated awareness of their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ADA employment disputes can be expected to increase. 

Fulfilling Your Obligations on Mediation Capacity
by Judith Cohen This article is a part of a collection on "Capacity to Mediate." Alternatives, Vol. 21, No. 6 (June 2003)
Mediators need to be concerned when parties face obstacles to self-determination, a core value in mediation. When a party appears to have difficulty comprehending the mediation process, or seems unable to participate actively, the mediator needs to step back and explore those obstacles with the party.


CPR Diversity Survey
In 2007, the Diversity Task Force published and disseminated an ADR Diversity Survey to assist corporate law departments to hold their outside lawyers accountable for the use of minorities and women in ADR. 
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ADR Inclusion Network’s website :

Mediating Employment Disputes Under the Disabilities Act
by Samuel H. DeShazer & Judy Cohen Dispute Resolution Journal , February 1998
The intent of Title I, the employment section of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is to open up employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities in order to bring them into the economic mainstream.

Striving for Diversity in ADR & Why it Matters: An Interview with the Hon. Timothy K. Lewis
Dispute Resolution Journal, Feb-Apr 2008
Raised during the Civil Rights era & post-Civil Rights era, former U.S. Circuit Court judge and a former United States District Court judge discusses his interest in Diversity.

The National Task Force on Diversity in ADR - A Pioneering Work In Progress
The Metropolitian Corporate Counsel, March 2007
The Editor interviews Charles R. Morgan , Executive Vice President and General Counsel, OnSite 3 and Co-Chair, National Task Force on Diversity in ADR regarding his first acknowledgement of the need for diversity in his own law department in 1998.

ACCESS ADR: A New Diversity Initiative Launched with the Support of the JAMS Foundation and the ABA
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, May 2004
The Editor interviews Homer C. La Rue and Marvin E. Johnson who describe ACCESS ADR as encouraging users to take a broader look at the people who make up the provider group.  

The Next Level: Promoting Diversity In The ADR Arena
February 2007 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
The Editor interviews Joshua W. Martin, III, Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP, and Thomas L. Sager, Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel, DuPont, who have both been leaders in the discussion of diversity in the legal profession.

Uncovering Race in Dispute Resolution 
Dispute Resolution Magazine Spring 2009 (Volume 15, Number 3)
Numerous articles on Diversity including: Theories Versus Knowledge, Race Narratives, Diversity in ADR,  Lack of Diversity in the Top Ranks, Racially Matching Participants and Mediators, Racial Discrimination in the Workplace.