Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee has been retired and has been folded into the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry Committee as a subcommittee thereto.  Please refer to that committee for more information.

CPR regularly convenes this committee of in-house counsel, attorneys, and leading ADR practitioners to analyze issues, review business practices and establish benchmarks relating to resolution of disputes among businesses, or government and business, concerning environmental matters.  In the past, the Committee has focused on promoting the use of ADR in the environmental context and identifying best practices for mediation and arbitration in this highly technical area of the law. Most recently, the Committee organized a presentation on “Best Practices for Resolving Government Disputes” in Washington, D.C. in April 2018, featuring senior jurists from the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board and directors of the dispute resolution divisions of FERC and the DOI.  

The Environmental Committee is chaired by Steven Antunes of AEGIS Insurance Services, Inc. and John Bickerman of Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC.

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Committee participation is open to CPR Members only.