European Advisory Board

The European Advisory Board (EAB) is an invitation-only board composed of CPR member representatives based throughout Europe.  The EAB provides strategic direction to CPR’s activities in the region and works on initiatives of interest to CPR.  The EAB develops resources, shares knowledge and best practices, networks with respect to matters of general interest, obtains and provides education and training, participates in other joint initiatives and activities and seeks strategic alliances with other institutions and organizations.  The EAB includes an Executive Council, which manages and supervises the activities of the EAB in close coordination with CPR’s management in the US.

The Chair of the EAB is Maurice J.M. Kuitems, Managing General Counsel at Fluor Corporation, and its Vice-Chair is Isabelle Robinet Muguet, Vice President, General Counsel, International Legal Affairs, at Orange S.A. 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS ONLY: Information about upcoming meetings (including dial-in information), meeting minutes, agendas, materials, and works in progress for this committee are available on the sidebar when logged in.

*Participation in the European Advisory Board is by invitation only.