Brazil & Latin America

Latin America is one of the most vibrant and rapidly-changing areas in ADR today. CPR is on the forefront of these exciting developments, as demonstrated by the examples below.

Brazil Initiative

The Brazil Initiative is a CPR project that CPR has been actively promoting since 2011. In this period, CPR has taken its work to Brazil to advance and extend our best-in-class arbitration and mediation practices to a global scale. In addition, CPR has undertaken multi-level initiatives to promote commercial mediation and other methods of conflict management in Brazil.

The goals of CPR’s Brazil Initiative project are:

  • to raise awareness and promote the use of mediation as an acceptable method for resolving business disputes;

  • to develop a skilled cadre of mediators in Brazil;

  • to expand CPR’s Panel of Neutrals in Brazil;

  • to educate the local community of in-house corporate counsels, business associations, private lawyers and judges on the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods.

Recent Work in Brazil

CPR has contributed to the development of:

  • CPR has conducted several conferences in Brazil:

  • CPR promoted a Business Mediators Training in São Paulo, in November 2013. A second training took place in São Paulo on April 26-28, 2015, and we held our 2016 workshop May 3-5 in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Development of a strong collaborative network, including several arbitral chambers and bar associations, and strong support of the Brazilian judiciary.

  • Creation and translation of key supporting material in Portuguese, including rules, protocols, training materials and success stories.

  • Co-organization of a Mediation Survey in Brazil, in association with local institutions. Like the CPR/Cornell 1997 study, this research will seek to establish a baseline of ADR use by Brazilian corporations and identify areas of potential growth.