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Online Dispute Resolution

The Internet has increased the frequency and scope of cross-border transactions dramatically, but processes for resolving issues and disputes as they arise have not kept pace.

Online transactions can cross several jurisdictions in mere milliseconds, making the determination of which legal rules should apply extremely difficult. In addition, the speed of traditional mediation and arbitration processes is often too slow and too costly to provide effective resolutions in the always on, 24/7 world of online transactions.

In response to these realities, there has been a global move over the past ten years to develop online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms and systems to offer resolution options more appropriate to this new, wired world.  ODR is widely viewed as a logical and necessary evolution of dispute resolution because it can move more quickly and function more efficiently than traditional processes, which often are not practical or cost-effective for online transactions, or for many other cross-border B2B transactions. 

CPR is currently engaged in several cutting-edge initiatives to develop ODR for internet transactions and in business relationships.