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CPR revolutionized litigation and promoted the adoption of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) with its Corporate Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation© beginning in the early 1980s. More than 4,000 operating companies and 1,500 law firms have signed the “CPR Pledge©” and committed to consider ADR before filing suit. CPR’s policy statements are bilateral and bind signing parties to consider ADR methods.

CPR’s newly released 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge provides companies an opportunity to focus on a systemic approach to dispute resolution and offers a means to change the culture of litigation that has pervaded Corporate America. Most importantly, the signatories have pledged to do this unilaterally – pledging to seek ways to avoid litigation regardless of whether the opposing party has done so as well.

More than 1,500 law firms have signed the CPR Law Firm Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation©. CPR also has a number of subject-matter and industry-based pledges and commitments that organizations can sign.

Additionally,  as part of our international outreach, CPR is promoting the 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge worldwide by working with other international ADR groups. As the founder of early ADR pledges, CPR is in a unique position to serve as an international clearinghouse for pledges to strengthen and solidify all mutually supportive ADR pledges. Through a network of international agreements, including mutual recognition agreements, CPR and other international ADR groups will be able to allow corporations operating internationally to seamlessly interface with other corporations recognizing the value of ADR.


All pledges can be accessed in our Resource Center.