Commission on Facilities for the Resolution of Mass Claims

Under the auspices of CPR Institute, Kenneth R. Feinberg, Partner, The Feinberg Group, will act as Chair and Deborah E. Greenspan, Partner, Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky, served as Reporter for the Commission on Facilities for the Resolution of Mass Claims.  Mr. Feinberg and Ms. Greenspan are well suited for these roles. Previously, FMr. Feinberg was the Special master for the September 11 Victim’s Compensation Fund Program, designated by Congress to provide families of victims alternatives to litigation. Ms. Greenspan was the Deputy Special master. Together, they were responsible for devising systems for drafting and overseeing a distribution plan, creating guidelines, and managing operations.

This group also includes distinguished practitioners and experts with experience in resolution of mass claims, including judges, academics and attorneys.  It was convened to study the role of alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving mass claims and to promulgate best practices in the area.

The Commission completed and released its book, the CPR Master Guide to Mass Claims Resolution Facilities in 2010.  The book reviews the use of ADR in various mass claims situations and recommend best practices for different types of mass claim situations ranging from defective products causing only property damage to September 11 type tragedies.  It provides a roadmap for determining who is entitled to receive money and guidelines for implementing the distribution. The committee chairs are  Kenneth Feinberg, and  Deborah Greenspan.  Jordana Feldman served as Reporter for the Commission and principal author of the book.  Mark Boyko served as Deputy Reporter.

The book may be purchased in the CPR Store.

The Commission has periodically reconvened to address mass claim situations, most recently in the wake of SuperStorm Sandy.