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Y-ADR in San Francisco 2013

The Future of Dispute Resolution

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Morrison Foerster, San Francisco

On Thursday, April 4 2013, CPR and Morrison & Foerster presented a distinguished panel of experts engaged in a wide ranging discussion of what the future holds for litigation and alternative dispute resolution. The globalization of the economy and rapid developments in technology will have big impacts on how disputes, both domestic and cross-border, are resolved over the next 20 years.

Topics addressed included:

• What is working well, and what needs to be fixed, in US court litigation and alternative dispute resolution?

• How have the rising costs of litigation and arbitration affected access to justice? What are future approaches to resolving low-dollar disputes?

• As more information travels electronically and as smart devices proliferate, how will US courts and arbitration tribunals cope? What new approaches will there be for discovery of information that are simultaneously cost-effective and reflective of the new information channels and data storage realities of the business world?

• As more cross-border disputes arise, how will courts and international arbitration tribunals handle clashes in business cultures, in discovery and evidence rules, and in ethical rules?

• How will international arbitration tribunals – where the arbitrators and advocates hail from different legal systems – meld the contrasting rules of civil law and common law legal systems and address the expectations of practitioners who have been educated and trained in different” legal worlds”?

Moderator: James M. Schurz - Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Welcome Remarks: Olivier P. André - Special Counsel & Director of Dispute Resolution Services, CPR Institute

Panelists Included:

• Mary Beth Cantrell - Senior Associate General Counsel, Amgen Inc.

• Hon. Charles B. Renfrew - Former U.S. District Court Judge, Deputy Attorney General and Former Vice President Legal Affairs of Chevron

• Colin Rule - Chief Executive Officer,

• Therese M. Stewart, Chief Deputy City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office, San Francisco