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Submission at Point of Dispute >

CPR has dispute resolution mechanisms that are faster than courts and can be initiated at the time of the dispute.

Rules >

CPR’s rules and clauses offer a proprietary self-administered and an administered process that empowers parties to expedite conflict resolution, control the process, and minimize costs.

Protocols & Guidelines >

CPR protocols and guidelines provide effective solutions to arbitration users and practitioners, as well as arbitrators.

Model Clauses >

CPR's model clauses provide specific sample language that can be used, as relevant, in specific situations. CPR's clause selection and completion tools can help you determine the appropriate clauses for your exact needs.

Manuals and Guides >

Through the thought leadership of its numerous committees, CPR has created several helpful ADR manuals and guides. A full list can be found in the CPR Store, under News & Publications.

ADR Pledges >

CPR's pledges not only offer a means to change the culture of litigation that has pervaded corporate America, but help to fulfill CPR's mission to drive a global culture of thoughtful dispute resolution.

Toolkits >

Toolkits are one of CPR's many valuable members-only resources, designed to provide a full range of guidelines and approaches to dispute resolution that can be modified to meet your specific needs and include checklists that provide outlines of essential steps.

Dispute Prevention >

CPR has curated a variety of dispute prevention mechanisms that help identify conflict early and intervene before a conflict hardens into a value-depleting dispute.

ICANN Decisions >

PDFs - CPR Institute was an ICANN provider from 2000-2006. Pursuant to ICANN Policy 4(j), ICANN Rule 16(b), and CPR Rule 11, the decision of any case determined by a CPR Arbitrator is posted at this site.

Resources from Collaborating Organizations >

CPR values its organizational collaborations and is pleased to share these useful resources.

Non-English Language Resources >

Go global with CPR, with resources -- such as the European Mediation & ADR Guide -- translated into a number of different languages.

ADR in the Time of COVID-19 >

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, CPR has created this space to provide timely related resources, information and programming. Please check back often

Other >

Additional CPR resources can be found here, or in CPR's Store (Under "News & Publications")

Resource Center

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