Who Can Help Me Arbitrate?

  A)    Role of Arbitrator
           i)    Arbitrator Attributes

                ii)    Selecting an Arbitrator
                iii)    Qualifications and Expertise of Arbitrators

  B)    Find an Arbitrator
           i)    CPR Panels

a) Role of Arbitrator

Reaching resolution is most likely to be achieved if the parties and their attorneys select highly-skilled neutrals that strike an appropriate balance between achieving efficiency and fairness, while actively managing a complex process.

i)    Arbitrator Attributes When selecting a neutral, parties should be concerned with the neutrals’ substantive and procedural qualifications.

  • Positively Neutral Online Evaluation Tool (no longer available)

ii)    Selecting an Arbitrator
Choosing the wrong neutral can adversely affect the outcome of the dispute which, in turn, can have a long-term impact on business relationships and the bottom line. This is particularly important for arbitrary proceedings because arbitrary decisions are typically final and binding. Thus, selecting the right neutral is critical and should not be left to chance.

  • See right resources sidebar for CPR's Due Diligence Evaluation Tool for Selecting Arbitrators and Mediators

iii)    Qualifications and Expertise of Arbitrators
When considering Neutral candidates for an upcoming mediation or arbitration, it is beneficial to obtain relevant information about their skills and experience to determine their suitability for your particular matter.

b) Find an Arbitrator

With access to CPR’s extensive database, parties can select from an elite roster of highly-qualified neutrals with specific experience in complex commercial matters. CPR’s arbitrators...are pre-screened for strong case management skills and all possess the highest commitment to neutrality and ethical conduct. 

i)    CPR Panels

CPR’s Panels of Distinguished Neutrals comprises the most highly qualified mediators and arbitrators from throughout the world, who are particularly well suited to resolve significant disputes involving major corporations or issues of public sensitivity. Focusing in more than 20 practice areas, CPR’s esteemed arbitrators and mediators have provided resolutions in thousands of cases, with billions of dollars at issue worldwide. (Specialty Panels of Neutrals: Definitions)

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