ADR Suitability Guide

In 1998, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (formerly CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution) developed an ADR Suitability Screen to assist lawyers and clients in determining whether a particular dispute is suitable for resolution through ADR. That instrument was adapted from a screen developed by Debevoise & Plimpton under the leadership of Robert L. King.

In the years since those efforts, empirical research and practitioner experience with ADR has grown, especially in regard to mediation, the most popular of the nonbinding ADR processes. Under the guidance of the CPR ADR Suitability Committee, the current 2001 revision and expansion of the ADR Suitability Screen into the ADR Suitability Guide incorporates new knowledge in a practice relevant, stateof-the-art manner. The Guide is applicable to a wide range of disputes. In some instances, certain sections or questions will be more relevant to one category of disputes (such as business disputes between companies) than to another. The Guide is designed both for the less experienced practitioner and the seasoned attorney.

The Guide discusses:

  • Mediation Suitability
  • A Matrix of Other Nonbinding ADR Processes
  • A Comparison of Arbitration and Litigation
  • Additional References

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