Public Policy

Our mission is to help policymakers in this country and abroad install ADR soundly in the public sector, academia, and in legal practice. 

Our Public Policy Projects have focused on the following areas:

CPR Academic Project

CPR is committed to communicating the best and most innovative dispute resolution ideas and theories from academic leadership to the CPR membership of corporate general counsel, partners in leading law firms, judges, and public sector leaders.


  • Bridge the perceived divide between theory and practice
  • Build the best of dispute resolution theory into the mainstream of law practice and dispute resolution design
  • Ensure that theorists and researchers understand the realities of real-world problem-solving

This dialogue has particular importance at this time, as more and larger private and public ADR systems are being developed to handle growing segments of legal, business, environmental, and public disputes.

Academic Contributions: Under the CPR Academic Project, legal educators are routinely involved in CPR projects and in meetings of its various industry practice groups. Academics contribute to the revisions of CPR publications and rules, and serve as faculty at CPR meetings and trainings.

Law Student Intern Program: As part of its academic project, CPR has a Law Student Intern Program, which draws students from a variety of law schools. Under the mentoring of CPR senior staff, the students assist in cutting-edge projects and publications. Recent projects have included web and print articles on U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit court opinions; the Arbitration Fairness Act; mass claims, and CPR events. CPR also created a website to showcase the various accomplishments of its Interns, including photographs, video and quotes from its previous interns. Finally, CPR’s interns developed a new section on the website, ADR 101, which provides basic ADR information for in-house counsel and other members.

Fortune 1000 ADR Survey

In conjunction with Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution and Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, CPR co-sponsored a followup survey of Fortune 1000 companies regarding their use of ADR. The original survey, “The Appropriate Resolution of Corporate Disputes:  A Report on the Growing Use of ADR by U.S. Corporations,” was distributed a decade ago. The follow-up will explore current ADR use by the Fortune 1000 and identify changes in practices that these companies have introduced in recent years. The results were released in early 2012 at CPR’s Annual Meeting and can be accessed via a CLE program on WestLegalEd at

CPR Judicial Project

Since its inception in 1985, the CPR Judicial Project has assisted the judiciary, policymakers, and counsel to make sound decisions concerning ADR and the public justice system in the United States and internationally.  Judges are invited to contribute their expertise to CPR Committees and events. As part of the Judicial Project, CPR participates in the annual Mediation Settlement Day for the New York State Courts and regularly runs ADR training programs for court mediators.

Commission on Facilities for the Resolution of Mass Claims

CPR’s Commission on Facilities for the Resolution of Mass Claims is chaired by Kenneth R. Feinberg of The Feinberg Group, and Deborah E. Greenspan of Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky, serves as Reporter. Assisted by counsel, academics, neutrals, and experts on complex claims management, they draw upon their rich and varied experience to develop meaningful guidelines for managing and resolving mass claims of different kinds.  Their most recent product was the Master Guide to Mass Claims Resolution Facilities (2011).  In addition in 2012 the Commission wrote a proposal that would provide an ADR solution to the backlog of Veteran's Administration claims.

CPR International Project

CPR regularly hosts delegations from countries and institutions seeking to establish new ADR programs. The following is a selection of recent visitors.

Brazilian Judges Delegation
In October 2014, CPR hosted a delegation of visiting professors, mediators and counsel from the Fortaleza region of Brazil.
In May 2013, CPR welcomed a delegation of Brazilian judges interested in learning about CPR and the interaction between private ADR and public litigation.

Kosovo Delegation
In September 2012, CPR hosted a delegation of the ADR Center of the American Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo.

The Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency
In December 2011, a group of delegates from the Korean Fair Trade Mediation Agency visited CPR to gain more knowledge of both CPR and ADR.

US-China Exchange Council, China State Council, Office of Legislative Affairs Delegation
In October 2011, CPR hosted a delegation from the US China Exchange Council at CPR’s New York offices.

Eastern European Delegation
In August 2011, CPR hosted a State Department delegation from former Soviet bloc nations on under the auspices of CPR’s Public Policy mission. The representatives of Armenia, Moldavia and other nations looked to CPR for an introduction to the field of commercial arbitration in the U.S.

Russian Delegation
In July 2010, CPR hosted a delegation of Russian academic and business leaders who were studying ADR usage in the U.S.

Croatia Mediation Assistance Project
CPR spearheaded the provision of training, consultation, written instruction materials, and other resources on how to design, implement, and operate nationally indigenous Croatian commercial mediation centers.