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Uniquely bringing together in-house and outside counsel since 1977

CPR was the first organization to bring together corporate counsel and their law firms to find ways to lower the cost of litigation. Decades later, CPR continues to facilitate meaningful inside-outside counsel collaboration by demonstrating the powerful incentives that dispute resolution offers to both sides of this partnership.

The Power of the Pledge

In the 1980s, CPR was the first to develop a Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation (“CPR Pledge”) to encourage signatories to come to the table and thoughtfully discuss alternate approaches to resolving their disputes, instead of automatically running to court. To date, more than 4,000 companies and 1,500 law firms have signed. These CPR policy statements are bilateral and reflect the commitment of signing parties to considering ADR methods.

CPR then continued its efforts to change the way the world resolves conflict by creating its slightly updated “21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge.” Adopting the original pledge’s principles, the 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge enhanced the focus on corporate commitment to proactive and thoughtful ADR programs supported by CPR’s full range of best practices and tools. Most importantly, the signatories have pledged to seek more thoughtful ways to avoid litigation unilaterally--regardless of whether the opposing party has done so as well. Early pledge signatories include members of CPR’s Board of Directors and CPR Council as well as other leading corporations.

Decades of cutting edge innovation

Since our founding, CPR and its members have worked collaboratively to develop the most innovative and cutting-edge rules, protocols and best practices to directly address business dispute resolution needs.