CPR Council

The CPR Institute promotes the practice of more efficient and effective dispute prevention and resolution. It does this by, among other things, developing pioneering resources and tools for dispute management. The CPR Council is the governance body of the CPR Institute that oversees the resources and tools generated by the Institute to ensure the quality, integrity, and currency of this work product for the community. The Council is also engaged in the programming of the Institute, including its annual meeting.

The Council comprises a representative from most corporate members of the CPR Institute, as well as a representative from certain law firm, academic, panelist and individual members. Corporate members include AEGIS Insurance Services, Amgen, CVSHealth, General Motors, Bayer, ConocoPhillips, Danone North America, KPMG, LyondellBasell, Microsoft, Pfizer, Visa and many other industry leaders from the U.S. and around the globe.

Ex-officio participants of the Council also include members of CPR’s Board of Directors, the Chairs of all CPR Institute Committees or other CPR Institute standing bodies, and the Chairs of the International Advisory Boards. 

The Council meets at least three times per year. In addition to discussions on innovative initiatives and programming, meetings include featured presentations by guest speakers.

Please refer questions about the CPR Council to Helena Tavares Erickson.

Charter of CPR Council

CPR Council Members