International Intiatives

CPR is committed to expanding ADR use across borders and cultures. Our work includes advocacy and educational activities designed to increase understanding and efficient use of dispute resolution worldwide.

To achieve this, CPR collaborates with institutions, companies, and law firms around the world to develop programs specifically tailored to needs in those regions.

In addition, as part of its Public Policy CPR International Project, CPR provides resources to delegations around the world that are seeking to learn more about dispute resolution and, when requested, hosts delegations for information sharing sessions at its offices in New York City.

Here's what CPR members are saying about international initiatives:

CPR has been a lighthouse for the development of mediation in Brazil. The organization has generously shared their historical high quality resources in ADR; inspired us and participated in some of the most important initiatives for the country’s mediation community, such as the Brazilian Mediation Pledge of 2014.

—Diego Faleck, PartnerFaleck & Associados

CPR is one of the main instruments that in-house lawyers can rely on to be connected to the best ADR professionals in Brazil and worldwide. In addition to offering valuable professional growth, CPR helps us save costs and support the implementation of an organizational ADR culture.

—Adelmo M. Machado , Legal Diretor, Assurant Seguradora

CPR is on the cutting edge of best practices and thought leadership in the areas of resolution, management and avoidance of business disputes. The EAB serves to bring that leadership to Europe and to bring the views and experience of some of Europe’s leading dispute resolvers, managers and avoiders to CPR. For me, participating in this mutual exchange has been an illuminating and satisfying way to understand and hopefully mould the world of international disputes, and to get to know better some of the key players of today and tomorrow in this area.

—Clifford Hendel, Hendel IDR

Many organizations focus on a specific method of resolving disputes, such as arbitration or mediation. CPR takes a holistic approach and is interested in the effective resolution of business disputes, whatever pathway is needed to get there. With that objective in mind, they scan broadly to identify and understand trends, strategies, tools and emerging technologies. CPR also balances international and local perspectives; they are attuned to different cultural approaches to dispute resolution. This broad, flexible lens is important to those of us working in Europe’s diverse legal landscape. I value the opportunity to look at the bigger picture.

—Kevin G. Smith, Managing Counsel, Global Litigation, Shell International B.V.