International Mediation Competition

The CPR International Mediation Competition is a unique annual opportunity for students to learn and practice mediation and negotiation skills through the role-playing of a mediation problem drafted by experienced mediators and practitioners. The competition convenes students and distinguished ADR professionals from around the globe, providing exceptional networking opportunities.

 CPR first brought the International Mediation Competition ("IMC") to Brazil in 2017 and has continued with this annual tradition in São Paulo until the pandemic required virtual attendance. CPR brought the competition back live and in-person in 2023 so that students from around the world can build on their mediation skills, network with each other and with professionals in the field, and learn from some of the leading experts in mediation and dispute resolution. A leading international mediation competition held in Latin America, this competition demonstrates CPR’s commitment to promoting mediation across the globe while also showcasing the leadership of the Brazilian community in hosting this marquee event.

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Ground Rules:
  • The competition is conducted in English
  • Each team is required to submit a Written Statement before the oral rounds which will be factored in the Negotiation team’s total score
  • The Competition is structured around General Rounds, in which all Competing Teams participated, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Final Rounds
  • Each team competes for a Mediation Prize and a Negotiation Prize, as well as Best Client, Counsel, Written Statement and Best Teamwork

The Problem:
  • The Problem is developed by a team of highly-regarded mediators and practitioners, and involves an international business dispute
  • The Problem and confidential information for the purposes of submitting the Written Statement are released prior to the competition
  • Confidential information applicable to each oral round is released at least 1 hour before each round


Teams with limited financial means were able to apply for a limited scholarship to participate in the competition. To apply for a scholarship, teams, when they submit their pre-registration form, sent a cover letter of 750 to 1000 words briefly describing (i) their thoughts on how mediation, as an alternative dispute resolution method, may contribute to resolve disputes in their country; (ii) how they believe the competition might help them develop mediation in their country; and (iii) the scholarship amount they are seeking and how they will secure the rest of the funding considering the cost estimate to attend the competition provided by the Organizing Committee in the Competition FAQ and the fact that the scholarship will most likely only partially cover their expenses.


Please consider sponsoring future competition, enabling the Organizing Committee to cover the general costs of organizing the competition and to create a scholarship fund for participating teams with financial needs who might not be able to come to São Paulo to attend the competition without financial aid. The scholarship will be allocated by the Organizing Committee based on a number of criteria including (1) diversity; (2) the funding need; (3) a statement from the applicants on how participating in the competition will help them develop mediation in their countries. Please contact us about sponsoring this competition.

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