Vision, Mission and Values

CPR seeks to help others manage conflict so that they might better pursue their purpose and lessen the costs, financial and otherwise, of disputes.

CPR’s mission is to prevent and resolve business and employment-related disputes. 

We do this by:

• Convening a community of members through the CPR Institute to generate innovative and best practice resources to prevent and resolve disputes.

• Promoting a global culture of dispute prevention and resolution.

• Resolving conflicts through an array of dispute resolution services and a Panel of Distinguished Neutrals at CPR Dispute Resolution.

The values which animate our operations are:

• Quality – We strive for excellence in all that we do.

• Accountability – We are responsive to the needs of each other, our members, our customers and to the broader community in which we work; we are responsible for addressing those needs efficiently and with integrity.

• Collaboration – We seek to understand each other and to help find common ground and effective solutions.