At CPR, we are singularly focused on developing tools that enhance the ability of business lawyers to be effective conflict managers. Our process for achieving this objective is unique.

For decades, CPR has been the only organization where in-house counsel, law firms and leading academic researchers join to spearhead innovation in commercial conflict management. That collaborative thought leadership has produced a deep understanding of the dispute resolution needs of commercial parties. Through this process, CPR members both support a mission that is critically important—driving a global culture of dispute resolution—and enhance their ability to perform within that culture as they gain access to the extraordinary breadth of our work.

Included within CPR's resources are toolkits and key resources that provide a full range of guidelines and approaches to include dispute resolution that can be modified to meet your specific needs and include checklists that provide outlines of essential steps.

ADR Primer

ADR 101

ADR Suitability Guide

Construction Briefing: Dispute Resolution Boards and Other Standing Neutrals

Construction Briefing: Partnering

Construction Briefing: Risk Allocation

Early Case Assessment Guidelines

Economical Litigation Agreements

European Mediation and ADR Guide

Neutral Evaluation & Selection Tool