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As a member of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC), you have already shown that you are an industry leader who values professional education, growth and excellence, traits that CPR shares and demonstrates in our field of dispute prevention and management.

Thanks to an exciting partnership with IADC, we are thrilled to invite you to experience less conflict, more purpose with CPR tools and membership in the CPR Institute. CPR is honored to be IADC's recommended ADR services provider.

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We offer many opportunities for networking with leaders in dispute management as well as professional growth and development through webinars, meetings, videos and publications, plus a library of dispute prevention resources, which is available on our website. Some of these opportunities are available only to members of the CPR Institute.

Because of our special partnership, IADC members are eligible for a 20% discount on CPR Institute memberships, including group memberships at the firm or corporate level, for an annual savings of up to $2000. Learn about the many benefits of CPR Institute membership here. Contact CPR Institute Senior Vice President Ellen Parker at or 646-753-8221, with any questions you may have.

Upcoming Events

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CPR Dispute Resolution Services

CPR Dispute Resolution is a boutique provider of leading-edge dispute management services – mediation, arbitration, custom appointing services, a panel of dispute prevention specialists, and more – that leverages resources generated by the CPR Institute. The case administrators are experienced attorneys with a combined 40 years of experience in ADR who speak five languages. The Panel of Distinguished Neutrals is a carefully curated, diverse group of prominent, experienced subject matter experts based in 35 countries.

CPR Dispute Resolution also offers emergency arbitration/interim measures, cases under UNCITRAL arbitration rules, mock arbitration, employment arbitration cases, dispute resolution boards, mini trials, early neutral evaluation, deal facilitation and fund holding, among others.

For a full list of CPR Dispute Resolution services, click HERE.

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For any questions about CPR Dispute Resolution services, please contact Helena Tavares Erickson, Senior Vice President of CPR Dispute Resolution, at 646-753-8237 or

CPR Rules, Model Clauses, Protocols & Guidelines

  • How to file a dispute using a submission agreement

  • Rules for Administered Arbitration of International Disputes

  • Administered Arbitration Rules

  • Fast Track Administered Arbitration Rules

  • Employment Disputes - Administered Employment Arbitration Arbitration Rules and Employment-Related Mass Claims Protocol

  • Model Clauses

  • Protocols & Guidelines

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Programs & Special Events 

For programming collaboration purposes, please contact CPR's Coordinator of Programs & Public Policy, Carrie Ann Trubenstein, at or 646-753-8213.



For events or other non-US matters, please contact Manager of International Programs, Knar Nahikian at or +1-646-753-8214.

Various non-US language resources can be found HERE.

Quick Contacts

CPR Dispute Resolution

Helena Tavares Erickson
SVP, Dispute Resolution and Corporate Secretary | 646-753-8237

Mia Levi
VP, Dispute Resolution Global Development | 646-753-8241

Nancy Vastardis
Manager, Dispute Resolute Services | 646-753-8230

Membership, Programs, Public Policy & International

Ellen Parker
Senior Vice President | 646-753-8221

Ellen Waldman
Vice President

Knar Nahahikian
Director of International Programs

Carrie Ann Trubenstein
Manager, CPR Institute

Marketing, PR, & Communications

Lili Schroppe
Marketing & Communications Manager