How to Get Involved

There are two main ways that members, firms or individuals can typically get involved — either by becoming members and actively utilizing the wealth of resulting benefits, or utilizing the CPR rules (or, of course, both — which provides the greatest value).

CPR Membership

Membership supports the efforts of an organization whose vital mission is to counter global litigious trend by encouraging more thoughtful dispute resolution options. Joining also provides tangible and ever-expanding benefits going far beyond access to our preeminent panels of neutrals for mediations or arbitrations.

  • On an ongoing basis, we provide members the tools, training and support to implement and maintain a highly effective end-to-end dispute resolution process

  • The opportunity to be a thought leader and strengthen connections by joining one of CPR’s many industry-specific committees is another valuable benefit many CPR members take advantage of

  • Finally, we are conducting special programs for new members, led by noted mediators, on topics such as negotiating skills, the “dos & don’ts” of handling mediations and other pertinent subjects. We are also providing personalized arbitration training at law department offices in conjunction with the College of Commercial Arbitrators.

CPR Rules

Another—or simultaneous—way to become involved with CPR is through our vast array of rules, clauses and other resources. In fact, after decades of being the leading proponent of the self-administered processes, CPR’s Arbitration Committee—which consists of expert in-house and law firm practitioners—just recently developed an exciting and innovative administered process (for both domestic and international matters) that offers both flexibility and control, giving parties the assistance they need—and no more.

These administered rules offer unique and critical “fixes” to many of the challenges that arbitration has at times posed to the global business community in the past—including those involving time, costs, confidentiality and concerns over arbitrator impartiality.

Taking advantage of our administered rules/dispute resolution services process couldn’t be simpler. If a party’s arbitration clause provides for CPR Administered Arbitration Rules, or if the parties agree to submit an existing dispute to CPR administered arbitration, parties need only send their notice of arbitration along with the specified deposit and party contact and CPR will contact them to start the process. (Note: If a party’s arbitration clause provides for CPR Non-Administered Arbitration Rules, CPR can still be of valuable assistance in selecting an arbitrator or a tribunal.)

Sponsorship & Event Collaboration

Whether for our annual event, our regional events or the many events hosted throughout the year (usually co-hosted with a firm/company), CPR offers a number of unique opportunities (and many different levels) to promote your practice or business to a high profile audience of international lawyers, inside General Counsel and leading academics. We would also be happy to work with you to create and co-sponsor unique events that would meet your business development, CLE and other needs. To discuss potential sponsorship or collaboration, please contact us at