Insurance Committee

The purpose of the Insurance Committee is to convene members in the insurance industry and those professionals (carriers and policyholders) involved in the industry to explore, develop and disseminate ways to effectively use mediation, arbitration, and other processes for preventing and resolving disputes over insurance coverage or in which insurance affects the parties’ interests and conduct.

With an expanded scope, this committee is the successor to CPR’s Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance Group which was created to explore ways of incorporating mediation, arbitration, and other ADR processes into the resolution of D&O matters. CPR has long been a pioneer in seeking improvements to the resolution of insurance-related disputes going back to the provision of neutrals under the Wellington Agreement. The committee will likely continue its predecessors' work on rules for expedited arbitration of insurance disputes. Past works in the insurance area include Mediation Principles for Insurer-Insured Disputes and the CPR International Reinsurance Industry Dispute Resolution Protocol.

Insurance Committee Members