Why Become a Member

Do Better, While Doing Good

Whether you are a corporation, law firm, neutral, or an academic or government entity, CPR membership offers you the opportunity to address your business conflicts more effectively, by taking full advantage of our cutting edge dispute prevention and resolution resources and services. Our all-in-one approach provides the most cutting edge and affordable methods by which you can anticipate and address your dispute prevention, mitigation and resolution needs. Membership is also the only way that you can have 24/7 website access to CPR's proprietary Panels of Neutrals, which comprise the most highly qualified mediators and arbitrators around the world, with real experience in the subtleties of more than 20 different practice areas and industries.

And CPR membership also provides you with the opportunity to support the critical mission of driving a thoughtful dispute resolution culture worldwide. This is a responsibility that we, as a non-profit think tank, take very seriously and do our best to honor. Your contributions, financial and intellectual, are what enable us to accomplish this important goal, creating a global landscape where business and innovation can flourish.

A Whole Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

CPR members are in extremely good company, among leading companies and law firms, as well as government officials, retired judges, highly experienced neutrals and leading academics. For almost four decades, CPR has been the only organization where all of these different stakeholders come together and collaborate (on CPR’s numerous committees and otherwise)—producing a greater understanding of commercial parties' needs, and spearheading true innovation in approaches to dispute prevention and resolution that are specifically tailored to those needs. 

This pragmatic collaboration and thought leadership, in turn, continuously enhances CPR’s Dispute Resolution Services (for which members receive special discounts), and its Rules, Model Clauses and Protocols, making sure that they always represent the latest in cutting-edge ADR approaches.

How can I find out more about a CPR membership?

Contact CPR’s Membership Department at 1-646-753-8225 or membership@cpradr.org