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Why Become a Member

Why join CPR?

We are much more than a membership organization offering an array of resources. We are a community where leaders in dispute prevention and resolution come together to pursue a mutual goal of less conflict and more purpose. In a world where conflict seems to abound, our mission is critical. 

Take A Seat At Our Table

We have a big, virtual table that seats thought leaders drawn from corporations, law firms, individual practices, government, academia and neutrals, all focused on the goal of preventing disputes and finding ways to resolve them more effectively and efficiently when they do arise. 

Where else would you find in-house counsel from a Fortune 500 company seated next to lawyers representing companies, lawyers representing employees and a world-class mediator jointly creating the Rules, Model Clauses and Protocols that will move the business community not just towards how better to resolve disputes, but how to prevent them. 

Our members benefit not just from reading about critical issues in our award-winning monthly publication, Alternatives, but being able to contribute to it and further enhance their careers as speakers or attendees at our many events.

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Membership Levels:

Corporate (Organizational)

Law Firm (Organizational)

Individual Corporate Counsel

Individual Law Firm

Panelist Membership

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Join us. Take your seat at our table. 
Contact Jennifer Fucci, CPR Institute Director of Membership Development & Operations, at or +1 347 749 0118.