Neutral Evaluation & Selection Tool

When considering Neutral candidates for an upcoming mediation or arbitration, it is beneficial to obtain relevant information about their skills and experience to determine their suitability for your particular matter. There are various ways to obtain such information. CPR has already embarked on one such means, the on-line evaluation tool with Positively Neutral. Another vehicle for performing due diligence of Neutrals is interviewing candidates directly to obtain information from their prior experiences relevant to the requirements for a particular case.

CPR’s Due Diligence Evaluation Tool (DET) is a grouped listing of potential questions designed to facilitate a more informed evaluation of potential arbitrator and mediator candidates. The questions explore topics such as the nature and complexity of the prior arbitrations and mediations in which the Neutral has served as well as the Neutral’s prior performance (e.g., preparedness, disposition, effectiveness).

Neutral Evaluation & Selection Tool Kit

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