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Watch as Alternatives editor Russ Bleemer, Richard Faulkner of Dallas and frequent contributor Philip Loree Jr. discuss their May and June Alternatives articles on the hot arbitration issue once again before the U.S. Supreme Court, delegation clauses--the deceptively tough question on whether a court or an arbitrator gets to decide whether a contract is subject to arbitration.  

To accompany our May issue of Alternatives, our "Note from the U.K." contributor, Adam Samuel, also recently spoke with Alternatives editor, Russ Bleemer, about his column, "Now Plaguing Dispute Resolution Processes: Proceeding in #ADR Without the Handshakes."  Members can read the article free at; on demand and subscriptions at

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In Our Latest Issue, June 2020, Now Available:

In Memoriam, Francis McGovern: Remembering His ADR Life
by Eric D. Green

CPR News
CPR's ADR in the Time of COVID-19
by Russ Bleemer

Arbitration/Part 2 of 2
"Why the U.S. Supreme Court Should Review Whether Arbitrability May Be Incorporated by Reference"
by Richard D. Faulkner, Philip J. Loree Jr.

The Master Mediator
Can't Everyone Just Get Along? Advice on Stepping Lightly When a Participant Won't
by Robert A. Creo

In addition, CPR is pleased to announce a new web app that will offer members enhanced online and mobile access to Alternatives, through Wiley Online Library. Through this app, members will be able to access all current and historical Alternatives articles in several formats, optimized for their mobile devices, including fully annotated articles with live links and references. Members can access Alternatives in full text, including a fully searchable and indexed archive that goes back to our first issue in 1983.