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Alternatives is an international newsletter covering cutting-edge dispute resolution trends. It is an authoritative guide for using ADR at companies, within law firms and in the courts. Each month, Alternatives focuses on new ADR developments, techniques and court practices. (Requests for reprints should be addressed to

In Our Latest Issue, December 2018, Now Available:

ADR Techniques

"One to One: Moving Forward While Facing Deep Differences" by Andrea Kupfer Schneider and Chris Honeyman

CPR News
"Inside The Beltway: CPR Launches Registration For The 2019 Annual Meeting"

The Master Mediator
"It's No Surprise: Empathy and Humor Can Help - Or Hurt - at the Mediation Bargaining Table" by Robert A. Creo

Court ADR
"Special Master: A consensus Proposal For a New Approach to Civil Litigation" by Merril Hirsh

"Wisdom: A Key Option on the ADR Menu?" by Adam Samuel

ADR Briefs
"More Choices: With Selection Clause Severed, Arbitration May Proceed" by Elena Gurevich

In addition, CPR is pleased to announce a new web app that will offer members enhanced online and mobile access to Alternatives, through Wiley Online Library. Through this app, members will be able to access all current and historical Alternatives articles in several formats, optimized for their mobile devices, including fully annotated articles with live links and references. Members can access Alternatives in full text, including a fully searchable and indexed archive that goes back to our first issue in 1983.