Government & ADR Task Force

With the passage of the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996, other similar laws, and the 1998 presidential directive establishing the Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group, federal agencies aim to incorporate ADR when possible to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.  The mission of the CPR Government & ADR Task Force is to educate corporations on the government’s use of ADR in light of these laws and the specific requirements for engaging in ADR with target government agencies. The Task Force will advocate for the increasing use of ADR in private-public disputes as well as the development of new ADR solutions for these disputes. And as an information clearinghouse, the Task Force will bridge the gap between government and business by facilitating mutual sharing of ADR best practices

The Government & ADR Task Force comprises leading practitioners, corporate counsel, neutrals, academics and current and former federal government employees, including ADR specialists and dispute resolution directors.  The Task Force regularly convenes to put on programs of interest.  

Participation in this Task Force is open to Members and Non-Members alike.  If you would like to join this Task Force, please contact Zoe Chanin at