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Technology Advisory Committee

CPR’s new Technology Advisory Committee serves as a forum for convening thought leaders to develop, maintain and disseminate world-class best practices for dispute prevention and resolution in the technology industry and among users of technology. The Committee will also examine the use of information technology to prevent and resolve disputes, including online dispute resolution, as well as technology tools and practices designed to address issues related to cybersecurity, data protection and privacy. Finally, the Committee will develop a specialty panel of neutrals who are versed in the technology industry to prevent, mediate and resolve the kinds of disputes examined by the Committee. See the Charter for the Committee in the sidebar.

The Co-Chairs of this Committee are Cindy Randall of Microsoft Corp., Apoorv Agarwal of TextIQ (a subsidiary of Relativity), and Thomas Walsh of Freshfields.

Ellen Parker, Senior Vice President of CPR Institute, and Kai Sass-Hauschildt, Manager, International Programs, are the Staff Liaisons to this committee.


Committee participation is open to CPR Institute members only. Please contact Carrie Ann Trubenstein if you are interested in joining.