Transactional Dispute Prevention and Solutions

The Transactional Dispute Prevention and Solutions Committee welcomes transactional lawyers to the ADR discussion by not only supporting their role in crafting the right ADR provisions in contract formation, but by exploring the utilization of ADR techniques to prevent or address disputes in ongoing relationships, such as joint ventures.  Bringing together both creative transactional lawyers and dispute-orientated counsel, this Committee explores best and next practices aimed at preserving business relationships.  The ADR Fundamentals Task Force of the Committee is currently working on a webinar to educate transactional lawyers on the use of CPR’s Clause Selection Tool for choosing the appropriate ADR procedure during contract formation.  The Committee’s Advancing Dispute Resolution Task Force is designing practical ways to employ Standing Neutrals and Deal Mediation in real-world contexts such as joint ventures.

The Chair of this Committee is Gregory S. Gallopoulos of General Dynamics Corporation.

Information about upcoming meetings (including dial-in information), meeting minutes, agendas, materials, and works in progress for this committee are available by logging in. 

Committee participation is available to CPR members only.