Law Firm Policy Statement

"We recognize that for many disputes there may be methods more effective for resolution than traditional litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures – used in conjunction with litigation or independently – can significantly reduce the costs and burdens of litigation and result in solutions not available in court.

In recognition of the foregoing, we subscribe to the following statements of policy on behalf of our firm.

First, appropriate lawyers in our firm will be knowledgeable about ADR.

Second, where appropriate, the responsible attorney will discuss with the client the availability of ADR procedures so the client can make an informed choice concerning resolution of the dispute."

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In the sidebar is the list of law firms who have signed the Law Firm Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation©. The CPR Law Firm Pledge obliges a subscribing firm to assure that its lawyers are knowledgeable about ADR and will discuss the availability of ADR with clients. If you have any questions, please contact CPR.

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