Task Forces and Projects

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One of the many ways CPR accomplishes its mission is by convening our community of members to generate innovative and best-practice resources to prevent and resolve disputes.

If you wish to be more involved in your committee's projects or would even like to propose an important project for CPR to undertake, please contact Helena Tavares Erickson

(Updated 7/25/2023) 

Task Forces


This Task Force examines current trends and consults CPR stakeholders with respect to the publication of arbitration awards. Expects to complete its report and recommendations to CPR in Fall 2023. 

Committee: Arbitration 

Status: Work Complete, under review

Healthcare and Life Sciences Best Practices in Arbitration  

This Task Force is a joint task force of the Arbitration and the Healthcare and Life Sciences Committees.  It is preparing a guide on best practices in arbitrating life sciences disputes.   

Committees: Arbitration, Healthcare and Life Sciences    

Status: Chapters under review by in-house counsel editors

Updating Mediation Procedure

This Task Force is convening to review CPR's Mediation Procedure (domestic) and determine any necessary updates or modifications. 

Committee: Mediation  

Status: In progress

Workplace Disputes Program  

This Task Force will collect best practices in workplace dispute prevention programs.  Task force members will include representatives of different companies as well as others from law firms to capture these practices. 

Committee: Employment Disputes 

Status: In progress 

Arbitration Program Template   

This Task Force is preparing a model template of provisions for companies to be able to consider in putting together an arbitration program.

Committee: Employment Disputes

Status: In progress 

Dispute Management Board

The concept of Dispute Review Boards (DRB) has long existed in the Construction industry and CPR has regularly provided parties with neutrals experienced in them. Now CPR would like to expand this concept to Dispute Management Boards that would not only aid the Construction field but also other areas such as technology and healthcare where the DRB concept could be equally useful.

Committee: Dispute Prevention 

Procedures & Drafting Guidance Working Group 

Status: Work product under review

Training Working Group 

Status: Pending completion of procedures

Industry Outreach Working Group 

Status: Pending completion of procedures

Neutrals Working Group 

Status: Work complete, compiled a panel of experienced DRB professionals, vetted applications

Clause Drafting Task Force

This Task Force is preparing a drafting guide for dispute resolution clauses in energy-related contracts

Committee: Energy, Oil, and, Gas 

Status: In progress

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