Healthcare and Life Sciences Committee

The Healthcare and Life Sciences Committee comprises leading practitioners, corporate counsel, academics, and neutrals with experience resolving disputes among healthcare and life sciences companies involving issues specific to these entities and the complex regulatory framework in which they operate.

The Committee puts together seminars for the industry, convenes Task Forces to generate work products of relevance to the industry, and also identifies and vets an industry-specific panel of neutral experts in Healthcare and Life Science-related disputes. The Committee’s Purpose is to develop and share best practices and resources for dispute prevention and resolution in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry.

The Committee recently sponsored a task force that convened in-house and outside transactional and litigation counsel to prepare a manual on mitigating risk in life sciences licensing transactions. This manual, Mitigating Risks in Life Sciences Transactions, is now available as a free download to all members of the CPR Institute. It is available in the Resouces dropdown in "Books" or by clicking this button: 

Mitigating Risks in Life Sciences Transactions manual

Another task force sponsored by the Committee is currently preparing a manual on best practices in arbitrating life sciences disputes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Committee Members

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