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Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services Committee meets periodically to develop and consider innovative approaches to resolving disputes among financial institutions. It has sponsored presentations on Bi-lateral Investment Treaties, the “mediation window,” the Economical Litigation Agreement, ADR in bankruptcy cases, as well as on the subprime market and the role of ADR in private party litigation involving hedge funds. At the request of the Committee, CPR has developed a Panel of Distinguished Neutrals specialized in resolving complex disputes arising between banking, accounting and financial services institutions. Included on this Panel are attorneys with extensive financial background and expertise in resolving disputes which arise in the context of real estate, accounting, mergers & acquisitions, hedge funds and other types of corporate deals.

The Chair of this committee is Deborah Reperowitz of Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young LLP. The Secretary of this committee is Hannah Sholl of Visa Inc.

Committee participation is open to CPR Members and Neutrals (by invitation) only.

Commitment to ADR

CPR has drafted a means by which corporations and law firms in the Banking Industry can commit to trying ADR procedures before moving to full-scale litigation.

The following signers of the commitment have agreed to resolve disputes with other signers in accordance with the CPR Banking Industry Dispute Resolution Commitment:

  • BankAmerica Corporation (currently Bank of America)
  • First Interstate Bancorp (acquired by Wells Fargo)
  • J.P. Morgan & Co., Inc. (now JPMorgan Chase & Co)
  • NationsBank Corp. (currently Bank of America)
  • Seafirst Bank (Seattle-First National Bank, currently Bank of America)
  • The Bank of California (currently MUFG Union Bank)
  • The Chase Manhattan Corporation (currently JPMorgan Chase & Co.)
  • Bankers Trust New York Corporation
  • Wells Fargo Bank