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“The Next Frontier Is Anticipation: Thinking Ahead about Conflict to Help Clients Find Constructive Ways to Engage Issues in Advance”, by Christopher Honeyman, Julie Macfarlane, Bernard Mayer, Andrea Schneider and Jeff Seul, Alternatives, Vol. 25, No. 6, June 2007

Chapter 70, “Thinking Ahead”, from The Negotiator’s Desk Reference, by James P. Groton, Chris Honeyman & Andrea Kupfer Schneider

Chapter 2, "Pre-Litigation Management and Avoidance," from Thomson Reuters and ACC's Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel (2020)
(For more information, please visit legal.thomsonreuters.com)

The Standing Neutral: A ‘Real Time’ Resolution Procedure that also Can Prevent Disputes, By James P. Groton, Alternatives, Vol. 27 No. 11, December 2009

How and Why the Standing Neutral Dispute Prevention And Resolution Technique Can Be Applied, by James P. Groton and Kurt L. Dettman, Alternatives, Vol. 29 No. 10, November 2011

CPR MASTER GUIDES on Conflict Prevention and Resolution: Avoiding and Resolving Information Technology Disputes, by CPR Committee on Information Technology Conflict Management, 2005

Practical Tips for Contracts in Uncertain Times, By Deborah Hylton, Conflict Engagement Specialist and Corporate Director, April 9, 2020

Dispute Prevention = Business Collaboration: How Prevention Can Reduce Conflict and Preserve Relationships, Theory-of-Change Symposium, By Noah J. Hanft, January 19, 2020

“The Benefits of Dispute Prevention” AAA, Dispute Resolution Journal, 2021, Volume 75, No. 3, by Janice L. Sperow, Arbitrator, Mediator, & Dispute Prevention Specialist

Jim Groton Website: Proactive Prevention, Control, De-escalation and Real Time Resolution of Disputes

Dispute Prevention in Business Transactions: An Introduction and A Conversation,” by Deborah Hylton, Hylton ADR Services, LLC © 2021, scheduled to appear in ABA’s Business Law Section’s Business Corporate Litigation Committee Newsletter, April 2021.


CPR Institute's Dispute Prevention Committee presents: "Prevention: The Time Is Now" (Jun 4, 2020)*

CPR's 2021 Annual Meeting: Prevent! Resolution Without Dispute

New York Law School’s James H. Henry Speaker Series: "No Need to Resolve if You Can Prevent: Tools for Preserving Business Relationships and Avoiding Disputes" (Mar 4, 2021)

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