No Need to Resolve if You Can Prevent: Tools for Preserving Business Relationships and Avoiding Disp

Podcast & Video,
CPR is pleased to continue its collaboration with New York Law School's Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and the James F. Henry Speaker Series.

Can you build into commercial relationships mechanisms to identify potential areas of conflict early, and to address them before they ripen into disputes? This program, organized by CPR’s Dispute Prevention Committee, will demonstrate that the answer is yes. Our panel will address how this can be accomplished, and attendees will view scenes from a simulation showing how such provisions can be negotiated and implemented effectively.

Panelists included Steve Bierman of Sidley & Austin, Noah Hanft of AcumenADR, Deborah Hylton of Hylton ADR, and Kimberly Maney of GlaxoSmithKline.