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These include: 


Enforcing Cannabis Contracts: The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes | June 2022

CPR at Paris Arbitration Week | March 2022

Allen Waxman Interviews Jahan Sagafi and Aaron Warshaw | March 2022


2021 International Conference Panel Videos:

CPR Toolkit on Dispute Resolution | November 2021

Amy Schmitz, host of The Arbitration Conversation, Interview with Allen Waxman | October 2021

Allen Waxman Interviews Jim Groton | September 2021

Allen Waxman Interviews G. Richard Shell | June 2021

Y-ADR Interview Series | May 2021 - July 2021

Mediation Committee: Consequences of Not Participating in Court-Ordered Mediation - What is Fair? | June 2021

Employment Disputes Committee: Ombuds Programs | June 2021

Diversity in ADR Task Force: The Divided Community Project | May 2021

Healthcare & Life Sciences: The Use of Alliance Managers To Prevent Disputes | May 2021

Yes, You Can! Pathways to a Career in Conflict Prevention & Resolution | May 2021

Government & ADR Task Force: Perspectives on ADR Claims Involving the United States | April 2021

Insurance Committee: Bankruptcy and its Impact on Insurance | April 2021

Arbitration Committee: Adapting Advocacy to the Remote Hearing Forum | March 2021

Mediation Confidentiality: Misconceptions, Pitfalls and Best Practices | March 2021

No Need to Resolve if You Can Prevent: Tools for Preserving Business Relationships and Avoiding Disputes | March 2021

Labor & Employment ADR Under the Biden Administration: What Will It Look Like? | February 2021

CPR Houston Regional Meeting | January 2021


CPR at New York Arbitration Week | November 2020

Healthcare and Life Science Committee Meeting | November 2020

Diversity in ADR Task Force Meeting | November 2020

Government and ADR Task Force Meeting | October 2020

The Rise of COVID-19-Related Employment Claims
Employment Disputes Committee Panel Presentation | October 2020

Prevention: The Time Is Now
Presented by the Dispute Prevention Committee | June 2020

Resolving Employment Disputes in Brazil: Myths, Facts and Opportunities | June 2020

Positive Culture in the Virtual Workspace - Part of the Conflict in Closed Spaces series | May 2020

Force Majeure in the Time of COVID-19: CPR Arbitration Committee Chair Hagit Elul shares a case study | May 2020

CPR's Construction Committee Presents "Planning for the Day After (COVID-19)" | May 2020

The Banking & Financial Services Committee and Guests Discuss the LIBOR PhaseOut | April 2020

ADR in the Time of COVID-19: How Neutrals & Advocates Can Use Zoom for Mediations & Arbitrations | March 2020

From CPR's Mediation Committee: How Mediators Are Adapting to COVID-19 | March 2020

From the CPR Environmental Cmte: The Return of Asbestos Litigation (Did it Ever Leave?) | January 2020


Digital Transformation Committee Webinar on AI and Machine Learning

CPR Energy, Oil & Gas Committee on Third-Party Funding

The Future of Dispute Resolution in Spain

CPR Risk in the Climate Crisis Breaking Gridlock & Insuring for Impact

From CPR's Environmental Committee: The "Ash Ponds" Webinar

Cybersecurity and Data Protection in the Resolution of Transatlantic Disputes

Ethics in Mediation Webinar

Key Elements of Cross-Border Dispute Resolution (from the panel celebrating the launch of CPR's new Manual)

Built to Last: Creating Enduring Commercial Relationships

How to Select the Right Dispute Resolution Clause for Your Situation

Open Forum on (In)Civility in Mediation

Ask the Expert: Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses - featuring Helena Tavares Erickson

Y-ADR Mock Procedural Hearing Under CPR Rules for Administered Arbitration of International Disputes

Arbitration Agreements and Class and Collective Action Waivers: What's Next? (Brought to you by the CPR Employment Disputes Committee)

The Impact of Brexit on Cross-Border Arbitration and Litigation Involving the UK (brought to you by the Arbitration Committee)

Fast Track and Baseball Arbitration for Commercial Disputes (brought to you by the CPR Healthcare & Life Sciences Committee)

How to Deal with the Insurer in the Arbitration and Mediation Process (brought to you by the CPR Construction Committee)


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