Hot Topics: A #SCOTUS '23-'24 #Arbitration Roundup and more. . . .

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The CPR Institute has posted a YouTube roundtable discussion on the U.S. Supreme Court's 2023-2024 arbitration docket.

CPR’s YouTube channel, @CPRInstituteOnline presents the analysis of the term's three cases. In the video, the U.S. Supreme Court's three recent arbitration decisions are analyzed, followed by a look ahead to next term and current hot topics, including the Walgreens runaway arbitration awards, and Samsung's mass arbitration.

The cases are Bissonnette v. LePage Bakeries Park St. LLC, decided April 12; Smith v. Spizzirri, decided May 16, and Coinbase Inc. v. Suski, which was handed down last Thursday.  Full details on each of the decisions and the paths leading the cases to the nation's top court, including coverage of the oral arguments, amicus views, and previews, as well as links to primary court documents, is available on CPR Speaks.

Our discussion panel is

  • Philip J. Loree Jr., of New York’s Loree Law Firm;
  • Angela Downes, University of North Texas-Dallas College of Law Professor of Practice and Assistant Director of Experiential Education, and
  • Richard Faulkner, a Dallas-based attorney-arbitrator-mediator.

The moderator is Russ Bleemer, editor of CPR's Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation.

The video, embedded above, can be found directly on YouTube at