CPR Interview with Jill Pilgrim, Arbitrator and Mediator

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Jill Pilgrim is a corporate and sports attorney, arbitrator, mediator, law professor, legal author, business consultant and entrepreneur. She is a neutral on the CPR Panel of Distinguished Neutrals; she is on the Sports, Employment and Mass Claims Employment specialty panels. Jill is the founder and managing attorney at Pilgrim & Associates Arbitration, Law & Mediation LLC.

CPR Insitute Vice President Ellen Waldman had a conversation with Jill, available below.

This interview is the first in a series of interviews with neutrals on the CPR Panel of Distinguished Neutrals. The CPR Institute seeks to improve the selection rates of diverse mediators and arbitrators. We believe this is a critical imperative to enhance the accessibility and acceptance of alternative dispute resolution, and to ensure that all available talent is deployed in support of dispute management. Read about CPR's Diveristy, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, including the Diversity Commitment, at cpradr.org/diversity-equity-and-inclusion.