2018 Annual Award Winners

Annual Award Winners,


Outstanding Professional Articles – The Award for Outstanding Professional Article recognizes articles published by academics and other professionals that advance understanding in the field of ADR. This year, the award will be granted to:

  • Winner:   S.I. Strong. “Truth in a Post-Truth Society: How Sticky Defaults, Status Quo Bias, and the Sovereign Prerogative Influence the Perceived Legitimacy of International Arbitration” 2018 Univ. of Ill. L. Rev. 533 (2018)

  • Winner:  Ayelet Sela. “Can Computers Be Fair? How Automated and Human-Powered Online Dispute Resolution Affect Procedural Justice in Mediation and Arbitration,” 33 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Res. 91 (2018)

Joseph T. McLaughlin Original Student Article Award – The Joseph T. McLaughlin Student Article Award, endowed through the year 2021 in honor of Joseph T. McLaughlin – a former CPR Board member, long-time CPR supporter and prolific advocate for effective conflict resolution practices as a practitioner, academic, writer and speaker – recognizes an article or paper written by a student that was focused on events or issues in the field of ADR.

  • Winner:   Abby Chin. “Streamlining Doping Disputes at the Olympics: World Sports Organizations, Positive Drug Tests, & Consistent Repercussions,” 33 Ohio State Journal on Despite Resolution (2018)

Founder’s Award – The CPR Founder’s Award was presented by Eric Green to James F. Henry, CPR’s Founder. James F. Henry was the founder and longtime President of CPR Institute (International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution). Jim led the push for the “Corporate Pledge,” which in the mid-1980s committed more than 4,000 operating companies to consider alternatives to litigation in disputes with other pledge signers. James F. Henry remains one of the most effective and influential leaders in bringing Alternative Dispute Resolution into the mainstream of American legal practice.

CPR 2019 Diversity Award – In 2007, the National Task Force on Diversity in ADR created an Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity in ADR to recognize a person or organization who has contributed significantly to diversity in the alternative dispute resolution field. Submissions are reviewed by a panel consisting of past winners, along with CPR’s Co-Chairs of the National Task Force on Diversity and CPR’s President. This year, the award honored Hon. Timothy K. Lewis.  

Y-ADR Annual Writing Award
 – The 2019 Y-ADR Annual Writing Award for Efficient & Effective Collaboration Between Corporate Counsel and Outside Counsel was open to lawyers ages 45 or younger or those who have had fewer than eight years of professional experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice, including, but not limited to, as counsel, client, arbitrator, mediator, tribunal secretary or law clerk. The Y-ADR award is generously funded by Assurant, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline and White & Case LLP.

  • WinnersNicolas E. Lopez, Director, Legal Affairs & Business Development for Otis Latin America, and Gustavo Santos Kulesza, Senior Associate at Barbosa, Müssnich & Aragão - BMA Advogados. “Ten Commandments for Teaming Up in an ADR Proceeding”