Annual Meeting 2023 | Panel 9

Podcast & Video,
Expected Disputes of 2023 and How to Prevent Them


Rafael Alves, MAMG Advogados, Partner


Ilana Glazier, General Motors, Senior Counsel, Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
Nancy Dowling, Danone North America, Vice President, General Counsel, Public and Scientific Affairs North America
Vanessa Alarcon Duvanel, King & Spalding, International Arbitration - Counsel
James (Jim) Reiman, Reiman ADR, Principal


Supply chain disruptions, human rights violations, climate change, financial recessions, war, etc. all have an impact on business relationships and can lead to costly disputes and ruined relationships.  This panel discussed the importance of dispute prevention culture and mechanisms that can be put in place to avoid those disputes and keep their businesses operating.